Does 1/2 A Ring Size Make A Difference?

Choosing your wedding rings can be one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. You’ll likely be doing this well in advance of your big day. So you may be wondering if your ring size will fluctuate in that time. What with changing weather that can cause swelling or perhaps weight loss/gain in preparation … Read more

Which Way Do You Wear A Heart-shaped Ring?

He’s just up from going down on his left knee. He’s put on your finger a gorgeous, sparkling heart-shaped ring. All is well. All is exciting. But then the time comes, and you start to naturally doubt and question how it’s worn. Perhaps you’re not sure what is the ‘right way’ round it should go; … Read more

Which Way To Wear Pear-Shaped Ring?

Has your fiancé just proposed with a gorgeous pear-shaped ring? Well, first of all, congratulations. But now comes the conundrum… how do you wear it exactly? Sounds silly, right, but it’s a question I hear and see all the time. What is the right way around even, as in, how are they commonly worn? Well, … Read more