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Hello. I’m Jenna Wilson. I am a certified wedding planner with over fifteen years of industry experience. I have helped plan over 500 weddings during this time. I created Wedzu to document all my experience and knowledge and to help anyone planning their wedding to get the timely answers and information they need.

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  • When Should The Groom Get His Tux?
    Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life but making sure everything runs smoothly takes a lot of planning. The groom’s tux plays a part in all of this. Making sure you have your tuxedo order placed early can help to avoid a lot of stressful last-minute rushing around and ensures you will get it … Read more
  • When Should The Groom Get Fitted For A Tuxedo?
    The tux is chosen. It may even have been ordered. Heck, it could even be ready for collection. But a question that grooms often have is when they should have their tuxedo fitting. Besides, it’s got to fit just right. Regardless of where you’re currently at, here is all you are going to want to know and consider,  So, when … Read more
  • When To Order Tuxedos For Wedding
    It goes without saying, but planning a wedding requires a lot of organization. Even for the guys! One of the first things you will want to get in motion is ordering your tuxedos. You might think purchasing a tuxedo is an easy affair but getting one that fits seamlessly takes as much planning as wedding dress shopping. Well, at least … Read more
  • How Long Is A Wedding Dress Fitting?
    You’ve decided upon your wedding dress and out in your order. Next is the fitting, the appointment to get it just right before your wedding day. But how long do these appointments typically take? What can you expect from it in terms of timelines? Well, here is everything you are going to want to know and consider.  So, how long … Read more
  • My Wedding Is In Two Months – Here’s What To Do
    You have done all the heavy lifting, and your wedding is only eight weeks away. You might finally feel that nervous excitement for your big day just about now. However, I bet you are a little bit anxious, and you might be making sure you have everything checked off your to-do list. Today, I am going to help ensure you … Read more
  • At What Age Do Parents Not Pay For Wedding
    Weddings are expensive, there is no doubt about it, from food, dresses, and even entertainment. These days, it is not cheap to get married – regardless of how you decide to do so. Traditionally, the bride’s parents paid for weddings, but things have certainly changed. It naturally begs the question; is there an age limit to when they tend to … Read more
  • I Don’t Want A Wedding – What To Do If This Is You
    Tradition tells us that our wedding day should be the kind of life event we should be so excited to enjoy. So, what about those who don’t want the fuss of a big do? There can be countless reasons why you don’t want one – from family tensions to the cost and everything in between. While it’s only natural not … Read more
  • Can You Try On Wedding Dresses Without Buying?
    Trying on dresses can be one of the most exciting parts of getting married – apart from the actual getting married part! But is this process expected to cost you? Do bridal shops and boutiques expect a payment for the pleasure? Perhaps you are not even getting married and just want to try on a few dresses for fun. Is … Read more
  • Semi Formal vs Cocktail – What Is The Difference?
    If you have been inundated with wedding season invites, you have probably come across a variety of dress codes. Semi-formal, cocktail, casual, and even black tie are some of the popular dress codes chosen for weddings. Dress codes for weddings are great because everyone knows the kind of outfits they need to have. However, it can get a little complicated … Read more
  • What To Wear Under A Bridesmaid Dress – 3 Options To Consider
    Being asked to join a brides bridal party is such an honor, plus you know you are going to able to take part in all of the fun build-ups to her wedding day. It also may mean having a bridesmaid dress bought for you if you are lucky. But that likely leads to questions, such as what you can or … Read more