Serephine on Wedzu

Erin Brooks is a West Coast girl who grew up in Portland, OR, attended college in Southern California, and now makes her home in Seattle, WA, with her husband Ben and their baby girl Sloane. Some fun facts about Erin are: she is fluent in Spanish and has a degree in Hispanic Studies, she is a classically-trained dancer, devours books, and loves a good laugh.

Serephine got its official start in June, 2010, after Erin’s own wedding, for which she searched high and low for a headpiece that was elegant, yet simple, and that had a superior level of craftsmanship. Three years later, Erin is known for her creativity in design and eye for detail, and prides herself on the fact that every single one of her beautiful accessories is meticulously handcrafted, layer by layer, petal by petal, out of loose materials, in a free-form style. She uses only the best fabrics, notions, and feathers, often reclaims and incorporates vintage jewelry into her work, and mixes her own colors of silk dyes to hand-dye and hand-paint her pieces. She also hand-forms her flower petals using both traditional millinery irons, and proprietary techniques. These special details are why each piece is truly couture and completely gorgeous, just like the brides who wear them.