Coquette Paper & Press on Wedzu

At Coquette Paper & Press we’re obsessed with paper & ink. From the traditional to the modern, and everything in between, we can’t help being just a little bit geeky about wedding invitations. But that doesn’t mean we don’t recognize the value of saving a buck or two which is why, along with letterpress, thermographic and flat printing, all of our designs are available for printing at home.

Based in London, Enlgand, Coquette Paper & Press was born when a lifelong obsession with stationery collided with sisters and friends who were getting married and discovering that their stationery options were as limited as they were uninspiring. As a self-confessed font-geek, hopeless romantic and lover of all things stationery, I couldn’t help but get involved in making sure they found their heart’s desire.

When Coquette Paper & Press began, I had just given up my job as a graphic designer and was on the brink of retraining as a make up artist, so while my days were filled with lipstick, powder and paint, my evenings were consumed by paper samples and typography. Like a kid in a candy store I have continued to explore and develop my two loves, make up & design and the two now sit side by side quite happily, inspiring & motivating each other.

From the perfect colour combination to the perfect shape or flourish, my two worlds overlap in the area that I am most passionate about – creating something that is beautiful, individual and truly personal.