Ferntree Flowers on Wedzu

Thank you so much for visiting Ferntree Flowers. I offer handcut, handwired and hand assembled luxury paper flowers, available in a variety of custom colors, shapes and sizes. Please consider Ferntree Flowers for all your WEDDING flower needs. What you see here is just a sampling of the possibilities. Send me your idea pictures and I can recreate almost any floral arrangement in archival quality paper that will last you a lifetime.

I believe that your wedding flowers (or even flowers for your home) should be exactly what you have envisioned. I know how stressful a wedding can be, and I want my floral work to be one less thing for you to be worried about. We will work together on colors and style and I will make certain that you are happy with the proposed flowers before they are mailed out to you. No surprises! :) I specialize in custom work and getting it right.