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Our latest featured designer is Shlomit Ofir, a 28 year-old jewelry designer from Tel Aviv, Israel. Shlomit creates absolutely gorgeous jewelry and accessories that will make you look even more stunning on your big day. Learn more about Shlomit:


How long have you been designing jewelry and how did you get started?

After earning my degree in industrial design in 2009, I began to pursue my true passion—designing my own line of jewelry and accessories. I have always loved anything that has to do with design and have been designing as a hobby since I was a child. I started my
business from my living room, but as demand grew I opened a small store of my own in Tel Aviv, which then grew into a larger store, that now houses my boutique, studio and office. It is a beautiful complex that I designed myself and gives my customers a unique shopping experience. My collections are now sold as well in selected shops in Israel and across the globe.


What inspires your line and how do you come up with new designs?

My line is inspired by small details that I see around me, in the city I love to live in (Tel Aviv) and in the many trips I took around the world. I love to capture daily “snapshots”, as if stopping time, and to turn them into a carefully crafted piece of art: a small bird on a branch, spring flowers blooming, the sharp lines and shapes seen on an urban horizon, a piece of beautifully detailed lace from an old dress, and many more. I like mixing old with new, traditional and contemporary, and I am always on the lookout for new pieces that could be combined into my jewelry.


Do you have a personal favorite from your designs?

One of the motifs I adore most in my jewelry collection is that of a bird on a branch. The idea developed back when I was studying for my degree in industrial design, during one of the classes in which I designed jewelry inspired by electric poles and wires. I mostly liked the way that the item as a whole piece turned into a “surrounding” that tells a story, and the different elements joined together to create a realistic picture, in smaller dimensions. As time went by, the electric wires turned into more gentle branches and those too, like the birds, reflected a different character with each design. I incorporate the “bird on a branch” motif in all my collections and many customers are always anxious to know which bird I will come up with in my next collection…


Why do you think a couple should consider using independently designed items for their wedding?

I love weddings! Because they are white and creamy and also dreamy….I believe that when you get married, you and your partner invite your friends and family into an intimate scene in which you share your love, therefore you have a fantastic chance to share your unique taste. Independently designed items can help you make that unique statement, wether it is a special piece of jewelry that means a lot to you, a dress in a unique color, a small note that will be given out to all the guests, etc.


Do you have any advice for couples planning a wedding?

My advice to couples getting married is to keep it simple! And feel comfortable with the clothes and accessories you select for yourself. In every collection I designate a unique section for brides and bridesmaids (and their moms and sisters and friends…) and try to combine different themes in these pieces, so that each bride can find the right piece for her big day, wether her style is natural, romantic, vintage or urban.

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